Want to complete your half price album bundle?

You can even upgrade from digital to autographed CDs!

When you purchased “The Remains Of The Day” for half price I gave you the opportunity to complete your digital album bundle, by adding in my remaining albums, all for half price as well. You can even to upgrade the whole lot to CDs.

I wanted to give you one last chance to do that, now that you’ve had a chance to listen to “The Remains Of The Day”, and I also wanted to give you a little bit longer to think about it (in case you’re like me, and like a little time to consider things before making a decision!)

So this time, I’m giving you 72 hours to make your decision. But when the timer hits zero, this offer will no longer be available. (And I won’t be offering it again, I’m afraid!)


Just choose whether you’d like the digital albums or the signed CDs and click the order button below!

Complete My Digital Album Bundle $12.40


Upgrade my bundle to Autographed CDs $29.95 (Free Postage)



ATTENTION CD ORDERS: Due to COVID restrictions on flights, postal orders outside of Australia may experience some delays.

You will receive the digital copies IMMEDIATELY after purchase via email.