Pay What You Want for an “Art Of Letting Go” T-Shirt!

Purchase one of the 10 remaining “Art Of Letting Go” T-Shirts and pay as little as $1, plus shipping and handling!

I’m the kind of person who loves de-cluttering to make room for new things. (I’m a big fan of Mari Kondo!) Next year I’d love to get some new merchandise designed, but before I do, I have to clear out some old merchandise…

I have 10 remaining “Art Of Letting Go” T-Shirts and I’d love for you to have one… for whatever price you can afford! You only need to pay the shipping and handling. After that, you get to type in the price you want to pay. You can pay retail price ($25USD)… or half-price ($12.50USD)… or twice the retail price if you’re feeling generous ($50USD)… or if you want to, you can as little as $1USD (Paypal’s minimum)!

It’s first-in, first-served, so be quick! Just click on your size below, and enter the price you want to pay!

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