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Did you know that I have an exclusive, un-released EP called The B Side? It’s not available on iTunes. It’s not available on CD. It’s only available right HERE.

I love performing live. I love the intimacy. I love the immediacy. And most of all, I love the opportunity to be funny! (We Australians cannot resist out humour!)

Well, in May of 2015, shortly after recording “Nightlight”, I went back into the studio with producer Sean Carey (Thirsty Merc) and we recorded an acoustic EP featuring live in-studio versions of some of my comedy material, as well as some beautiful stripped-back acoustic recordings of some of my most loved songs. My main inspiration came from one of my closest friends, who suggested I go into the studio and record a b-side to “Nightlight” exclusively for friends and fans.

So click the order button below and get instant access to limited edition EP, THE B SIDE. But remember, this exclusive, limited edition EP is not available for sale anywhere else. And it’s yours today for just $4.95. Don’t miss out!

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