Get a Copy of Rachel Collis’ Latest Album, “To The Least Of These”, For as little as $1!

72 Hours Only!


From time to time I receive an email from a new fan saying that they don’t have the funds to buy new music. I really hate the idea that someone who likes my music might miss out just because of a shortage of funds. So I’ve decided to offer you my latest album at WHATEVER PRICE YOU THINK IS FAIR!

If you want the album, but a couple of dollars is all you can afford, pay as little as $1 (PayPal’s minimum)! If you think it’s worth the normal retail price of an album, then feel free to pay more! I really just want you to have the music that I’ve worked so hard to create, and I want you to have it at any price you can handle. I appreciate your interest and support, regardless of whatever price you feel is fair.

However, I can’t afford to offer our album on a donation basis indefinitely, so this special pay-what-you-want offer will only be available for 72 hours.

Just click below, type in any amount you feel is fair, and get instant access to my latest album, “To The Least Of These”.

Digital Download for as little as $1 USD


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You will receive a digital download of TO THE LEAST OF THESE via email, immediately after placing your order.

Thank you so much and enjoy the album!